Dr. Yili ZHAO

Email: yilizhao [DOT] cs [AT] gmail [DOT] com
Address: 250 Bryant St, Mountain View, CA 94041, United States
PhD advisor: Prof. Jernej Barbič
My Curriculum Vitae
Dept. of Computer Science, Viterbi School of Engineering, University of Southern California

I am currently a senior research engineer working at ByteDance. Prior to it, I was a senior research scientist and engineer at Facebook (Dec. 2014 - Oct. 2021).

I successfully defended my PhD thesis, "Plant Substructuring and Real-time Simulation Using Model Reduction" in April, 2014.

My research interests primarily focus on computer graphics, physically-based simulation etc.
Before I came to the U.S. I received M.S. degree from Dept. of Computer Science, EECS, Peking University, Beijing, China.


Bohan Wang, Yili Zhao, Jernej Barbič, "Botanical Materials Based on Biomechanics",
ACM Transactions on Graphics 36(4) (SIGGRAPH 2017)
[project page] [paper] [video]

Hongyi Xu*, Yili Zhao*, Jernej Barbič, (* joint 1st authors);
"Implicit Multibody Penalty-based Distributed Contact",
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Volume 20, 2014
[project page] [paper] [video]

Yili Zhao, Jernej Barbič, "Interactive Authoring of Simulation-Ready Plants",
ACM Transactions on Graphics 32(4) (SIGGRAPH 2013)
[project page] [paper] [video]
Our video clip has been selected as part of the [Technical Papers Video Trailer]

Jernej Barbič, Yili Zhao, "Real-time Large-deformation Substructuring",
ACM Transactions on Graphics 30(4) (SIGGRAPH 2011)
[project page] [paper] [video]
[Oak tree video (HD)] has been selected as part of the [Technical Papers Video Trailer]


I love the Daland's Swim Stadium (originally the McDonald’s Olympic Swim Stadium), USC (the main Aquatics venue at the 1984 Olympic Games). I swam a lot there, free style, 1 mile (nonstop) per day.